Bills Mafia and Kicker Tyler Bass Raise $400,000 for New York Adoption Center

Tyler Bass took plenty of blame for putting the Buffalo Bills in a hole they could not climb out of against the Kansas City Chiefs, but the kicker is now getting some credit. The kicker is responsible for helping raise $400,000 for the New York-based Tyler Bass Adoption Center for animals.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills

Instead of getting put down, animals will be sent to the adoption center, per a posting by the Buffalo Bills on X/Twitter. The center will be part of the 501(c)3 adoption group called the Ten Lives Club. The club claims they are “devoted to reducing the number of cats euthanized each year due to overpopulation” on their account page.

Bills Mafia reacts to $400,000 adoption center announcement

Bass at AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Bass at AFC Wild Card Playoffs – Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills

While many fans may have been overwhelmingly frustrated with how the playoff game against Patrick Mahomes ended, Bills Mafia congratulated Bass on his work on the center.

“Tyler Bass, you scored a goal on this one, where it truly counts,” one fan said.

“This is so amazing!!,” another fan said.

Ten Lives Club shares plans for Tyler Bass Adoption Center |

“So important, you’re the man, Tyler Bass,” a fan chimed.

While many fans celebrated the announcement, many didn’t forget to call him out on missing the kick in the playoffs.

“This doesn’t happen if he made that fricking kick,” one fan claimed.

“This is cool and all but maybe he should have made that kick,” one more said.

“Why is this guy still on this team. He can not kick in bad weather and Buffalo has plenty of it,” one fan questioned.

Tyler Bass bounces back from heart-breaking loss with marriage

Bass at New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
Bass at New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills

While the playoff game against the Chiefs didn’t go the way Tyler Bass wanted, it didn’t stop him from taking one of the biggest shots one can. Bass announced on Instagram this offseason that he got married in March, shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

The announcement came as a compilation of pictures of his wedding. Three of the pictures appeared to be from the main ceremony while the fourth appeared to come late in the night.

While Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce had their own parties, it didn’t stop Bass from having his. The Buffalo Bills appeared to not let the playoff loss keep them down, commenting congratulations on his announcement post.

With a playoff loss, an adoption center, and marriage already on the books before reaching the midway point of the 2024 calendar year, it already has been a whirlwind for Bass, leaving many to wonder what could come next.

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