49ers’ Trent Williams, Heading to Super Bowl, Sued by Ex-Landlord for Letting His Nine Dogs Destroy $8 Million California Mansion, Covered in Excrement, Urine and Rotten Food

Super Bowl hopeful Trent Williams is being sued by his former landlord who claims the NFL player trashed his rented $8million California mansion, leaving it covered in dog feces and urine, DailyMail.com can reveal.

The San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle is locked in a legal spat with Amir Rosenbaum over damage to the Los Altos villa he rented in July 2020 shortly after he arrived in California after leaving the Washington Redskins.

Rosenbaum’s insurers are trying to claw back the $340,000 repair bill, as well as more than $50,000 in interest, according to a court filing in Santa Clara County where Williams now lives.

It dwarfs the $24,000 damage deposit, the price of one month’s rent, that the former University of Oklahoma player coughed up before moving into the four-bedroom, five-bathroom house.

Trent Williams is locked in a legal battle with former landlord Amir Rosenbaum over $390,000 in damages to the Los Altos villa he rented in July 2020
The homeowner claims he had to remove 'bags of dog feces, rotting dog food and miscellaneous debris caused by the dogs' from the $8million home
This is not the first time that the Pitbull-loving star's dogs have landed him in hot water. Williams was sued by his former neighbors in Missouri City, Texas, in December 2019 after his pets mauled their Labrador Sandy to death

Los Altos is one of the Golden State’s most desirable suburbs that once counted late Apple CEO Steve Jobs and blues legend John Lee Hooker among its most-famous residents.

Real estate listings describe the home as a ‘unique gated property’ with ‘spectacular panoramic views’ that also boasts a swimming pool and a large garage with space for as many as eight sports cars.

It is well within Williams’s budget. After all, he inked a new six-year, $138.06million contract with the 49ers in 2021.

The deal means he rakes in an average annual salary of $23million, or roughly $88,000 a day.

Williams, who is nicknamed Silverback, won his first NFC Championship when the 49ers beat the Detroit Lions on January 28. He had been on the losing side in two others

But money cannot buy you class, and the lawsuit, filed in July 2022, accuses Williams of behaving like a tenant from hell.

The 68-page legal tirade drafted by attorney Jordan Everakes, describes in gruesome detail the horrors that awaited the homeowner when the 35-year-old handed back the keys two days late.

Williams, who kept pitbulls at his home in Texas, is accused of allowing as many as nine dogs to run riot all over the property, leaving it uninhabitable.

Rosenbaum's insurers are trying to claw back the $340,000 repairs bill, as well as more than $50,000 in interest, according to a court filing in Santa Clara County where Williams now lives

Not a corner of the house was apparently spared, and Rosenbaum had to part with hundreds of thousands of dollars before he and his wife Dusanka could move back in.

The court filing includes receipts that Rosenbaum says prove how he had to repair or replace floorings and furniture throughout the 7,000 square foot home, spending just over $66,000 on new carpets alone.

When Williams eventually left the property on May 2, 2021, the hapless owner faced the indignity of having to remove ‘bags of dog feces, rotting dog food and miscellaneous debris caused by the dogs.’

The automotive entrepreneur also said he ‘cleaned urine from many areas throughout the home’ and scraped their poop from the floor.

Rosenbaum’s legal team said the 35-year-old ‘would leave the dogs on the property unattended for extended periods of time, allowing them to scratch at the walls, urinate and defecate inside, and cause extensive damage to the exterior of the property.’

The unruly dogs destroyed the beautifully landscaped garden, ripping up shrubs, flowers, and trees, bringing landscaping repairs to a total of $6,013.68

According to the court filing, he ignored the lease requirements that ‘necessitates that the dogs be housetrained’ and ‘requires the tenant to keep the premises free from pet odor and stain.’

The lengthy document explained how Williams’s dogs wreaked havoc throughout the home.

‘Urine and feces damaged the epoxy floors so much that they needed to be scraped and refinished.

‘The wood floors in the main house required refinishing, the walls had to be repainted, and the doors had to be repaired or replaced,’ the court documents state.

‘Ceiling to floor curtains in the living room were chewed on and stained by urine. Carpets in the four bedrooms and large gym required replacement due to staining from urine and excrement.’

But the unruly also destroyed the beautifully landscaped garden, ripping up shrubs, flowers, and trees, said Rosenbaum.

They also dug holes in the lawn that was left littered with trash after Williams checked out.

According to Rosenbaum, the garden’s hot tub ‘was damaged by dog claws and the dogs chewed on sprinkler heads and outdoor furniture.’

Williams, 35, is an 11-time Pro Bowl selection and has been selected first-team All-Pro three straight years. He's pictured with his wife Sondra and children

He claims it meant he had to shell out for repairs to the garden’s irrigation system and that the patio furniture needed to be re-upholstered.

Williams, who admitted in 2017 to using marijuana for medical purposes in his rookie 2011 season, also left ‘an odor of smoke’ throughout the house.

A company hired by Rosenbaum to clean up the mess left by the 2010 first-round draft pick described how he had ‘neglected’ to do the most basic of housework.

They said they were brought in to remove ‘scum’ and ‘mold’ throughout the property owing to the lack of ‘routine cleaning.’

Williams is pictured with his teammates after the NCF Championship win that qualified them for the Super Bowl
Williams is also of scamming a construction worker out of thousands of dollars in a legal spat over renovations at his $3.6 million Morgan Hill mansion

Rosenbaum also complained that Williams, who is nicknamed Silverback,  destroyed three rare Italian bar stools that he bought in San Francisco for an estimated $1,200 a pop.

The next court hearing has been set for March 28, but it is unclear whether the 35-year-old, who will take part in his first Big Game this Sunday, will appear in court himself.

The breed of dog is not mentioned in Rosenbaum’s court papers, however Williams got into trouble in his home state of Texas in 2019 when he was said to own 11 pitbulls, some of which mauled a neighbor’s dog to death.

The dog’s owners sued him and the case was only settled last summer for an undisclosed sum.

Williams did not immediately return a request for comment.

The offensive tackle moved to California after leaving three-time Super Bowl winners the Washington Redskins, now known as the Commanders, in April 2020.

His drafting to the 49ers came after a battle with Redskins medics over the misdiagnosis of a cancerous growth on his head that saw him sit out the 2019 season in protest.

DailyMail.com can also reveal that Williams is facing another Santa Clara lawsuit in a separate row over a property he bought after moving out of the house he allegedly trashed in Los Altos.

He is accused of scamming a construction worker out of thousands of dollars in a legal spat over renovations at his $3.6 million Morgan Hill mansion.

The penny-pinching star is being sued for unpaid costs and damages after he allegedly refused to pay Texas-based contractor Reynaldo Hernandez.

That is according to a senior legal source close to the case and court documents filed in May last year that have been exclusively reviewed by the Daily Mail.

The pair are set to face off in a San Jose court on March 21, the same filing shows, and the multi-millionaire could be forced to stump up the money Hernandez says hw owes for the home improvements.

The 35-year-old snapped up his 4,000 square foot house, just ten miles south of San Jose, in June 2022, public records show.

The house is nestled in an upmarket area popular with Silicon Valley’s business and sporting elite – fellow 49er Deebo Samuel also lives in the wealthy suburb.

A real estate listing for the swank four-bedroom villa describes it as ‘a stunning single story luxury estate set in beautifully landscaped gardens in a highly sought after location’.

The house also has a private tennis court, swimming pool, outdoor gaming room and a detached guest house on the grounds ‘for entertaining year-round’.

Shortly after his move to the Golden State, Williams hired Hernandez to spruce up his new home.

The construction worker had been a long-time contractor for the NFL star, having carried out work on his properties in Texas.

Williams addressed the media on Monday during the Super Bowl LVIII Opening Night in Las Vegas
Although the breed of dog is not mentioned in Rosenbaum's lawsuit, Williams kept up to 11 pitbulls when he lived in Texas

The former University of Oklahoma player then paid out $30,000 for Hernandez to start work in Morgan Hill, as well as $35,000 for supplies, the lawsuit says.

David Nikta, the attorney for Hernandez, said the uber-rich offensive tackle had assured his client ‘that he would cover the expenses of travel, costs of the job, (and the) costs of hiring laborers.’

But Hernandez soon became exasperated by a string of diva demands from the  player that saw his overheads spiral out of control.

‘Once the work commenced Mr. Williams began to change the job and ask Mr. Hernandez to commence what became a substantial renovation of the property,’ the lawsuit reads.

‘Mr. Williams continuously assured Plaintiff he would cover costs associated with the changes he made to the job.’

But as costs began to increase the Niners’ #71 started to complain to Hernandez about the price and refused to accept more modest alternatives, ‘instead insisting the project be completed to his taste and fancy.’

But trouble flared up again when Hernandez finished the work and provided the final bill to the wealthy sports star.

Williams simply ‘refused to pay’ and ignored his long-serving worker’s calls and emails begging for the invoice to be settled.

A source close to the case said the lawsuit ‘speaks for itself’ with Hernandez still waiting to hear from the NFL superstar when he will receive payment.

Public records show that Williams sold the Morgan Hill property in October last year for $3.4 million, or a $200,000 loss.

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